Chrome Car Accessories: For Those Who Love to Decorate Their Cars
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“Chrome is good, chrome is great, and chrome is unbelievable!”
Well, to be honest, I’m none the less but a real Pack Rat in my heart, because everything that is shiny catches my attention and draws me upon. I like silver things, brass stuff, copper and chrome things and all other metals that make your eyes be caught with glint.
I remember clearly when the country was overwhelmed with monochrome, and that craze got up a lot of noise in the car market. I was completely an even extremely against the idea to paint all shiny car parts into some color, even if the color was very beautiful. Eventually, I was up with this idea after I saw that F-100 in a monochrome white. I even looked for some the most well-known autos of mine. But every time when seeing several vehicles standing in the parking lot – and no matter what models or year they are – I always unconsciously seek for the car that has chrome car accessories on it and in it. Unfortunately, there was someone who made the term for all shiny stuff, and called it “bling”, and everything that excessed that bling, automatically became passé.
Why am I here telling you all the stuff? Well, I brought myself here to protect the championship of those who love Chrome, the Chrome lovers from all over the world. I’m here to say everybody not to take chrome car accessories and stainless stuff off the car! You shouldn’t do that, you have to invest in it and even add something more! You may stick-hang-bolt something on in such quantity as you wish.
But just don’t “shave” the handles of the doors, or ornaments of the hood. Don’t get rid of the trim. Don’t make the role of grill and beltline minimized. Make the hood ornament big and stand tall. Because cars of 40s – 60s have something special that makes them just like they are – meaning they are always on the top and even higher! After all, it is for a reason that the most chrome square-feet car that has ever been made in America is Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz of 1959 – because chrome is awesome!

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1.       Well, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything about symmetry and flow importance when the build is planning. But let’s have a look at Pontiac Silver Streak – do you really believe it could have a better look without all of that chrome car accessories on it? And do you realize that Ford of 1940 would never look that same as it is in real without a wonderful chrome grill that it has.
2.      Oh, just say you are not going to take away your chrome!
3.       Chrome has always been the King, always! Starting from the first days of Customs and Rods on each auto on the road there was lots chrome, and we mean A LOT, tons of chrome. Did you want to differ from others? That meant you had to get rid of all the chrome stuff.
4.       The truth is that our cars mostly spend (or waste?) their time of existence in the garage, or, as a variant, alone on the road. Of course, this is a proven fact, that when car is like standing like a lonely lady, it attracts more attention, it has prettier look and gets more compliments, as it is catching your attention with all the shiny-gleaming chrome car accessories. All you have to do in such case is just to admire.
5.       Do you have any objections? Ok, let me see your arguments. Let’s make an experiment. Here are two cars for you of the same year and put them at any location that is usually full of people and it’s easy to get a crowd. So, the first car is shaved, there is not chrome on it, it is decked and nosed. But the other one has the full package of shining chrome car accessories – it’s a show car, pageantry auto.
6.       Ok, let’s park these two cars 15-20 yards from each other. Stand back; look at all people who stop in their rush just to admire these two cars. Count those people. When the day is finished, the car with chrome will win attention of more gawkers. Why? Because people need pageantry. And don’t try to persuade us that you don’t care about people opinion. Liar! We all care about what people think.
7.       Especially it’s a great fun when a group of people who consider themselves as non-car-lovers , express their admiration with “aaaaawe” and “ooooooh”, and you at that time ae standing aside and try to look and behave indifferent.

Chrome Car Accessories For Those Who Love to Decorate Their Cars.jpg
Don’t start telling me about pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of chrome car accessories – it can take you hours, but I won’t be listening. If you are persistent, you will go on with your story how perfectly you did the bright-work, how it looked on the show, and how many times you will have to repeat it afterwards. Stop complaining for the chrome being very expensive, or for the difficulties connected with your tries to receive a quality spare part. You could tell me about hood ornaments in a bulbous style. You even are allowed to tell me that extra quantity of chrome car accessories with their “bling” prevents from a visual accepting of body lines; and chrome car accessories minimized presentation, in fact, makes a stronger effect of all other shiny parts, because there are not so many of them to look at.

So, stop telling me that. Persuade me! Go ahead! Try to convince me!

To be honest, there can be huge number of arguments that are about both ways, but for my money available it goes directly to one thing: to chrome or not to chrome. And, actually, I prefer polishing and chroming. As a matter of fact, I love doing this!

And all I know is that Chrome and glitter of your discs will give a well-groomed look to your car, highlighting it from the gray crowd of simple "caps".

But the advantages of such disks do not end with just one external appearance - you will also get a much higher degree of corrosion resistance, as well as several times longer life of the products due to increased wear resistance of cast chromed discs.